#DataWatch – Keeping up the pace with mapping run data

By 21st February 2014Uncategorized

It’s a fact that gym visits and social media check-ins go hand in hand, so joggers’ mapping every (whole) activity is now common practice. Super interesting – this can be used when planning future work-outs, planning cities, planning EXPERIENCES.

We know that most routes follow waterside paths and parks – but what types of data can we get at each stage of the run? And how does this trend at different parts of the park? city? How do these cities compare to each other?


What else we’d like to see mapped:

Music play list (throughout run)


Music playlist vs. speed

Volume up


Social activity


Other apps like http://www.scvngr.com/ (treasure hunt / challenge apps)


RunKeeper and Strava both allow (free) downloads of routes as GPX files.


Picture source www.flowingdata.com

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