General Motors

  • Location: USA
  • Launch date: Jan 4th   Duration: 52 weeks
  • Scale: 100 sites in 10 cities across the States.
  • Media owners: Clear Channel Outdoor, Outfront Media,
  • Objective: To promote Chevrolet cars, 7 different models.
  • Use of Digital: Rush-hour times triggers different creative.

Channel 5

  • Location: UK
  • Launch date: Feb 6thth    Duration: 48 Hours
  • Scale: 800 sites (roadside, underground, train stations)
  • Media owners: JC Decaux, Ocean Outdoor, Exterion Media, Primesite, City Outdoor Media, Forrest Media.
  • Objective: : To promote new series of X Files on Channel 5.
  • Use of Digital: Live countdown till the show goes live.


  • Location: UK
  • Launch date: 22nd Feb Duration: 5 days
  • Scale: 100+ sites
  • Media Owners: Ocean Outdoor, Signature Outdoor, Outdoor Plus, JC Decaux, Exterion Media.
  • Launch: 22nd Feb – 28th   of Galaxy S7.
  • Objective: To launch a new phone – the Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • Use of Digital: Social campaign. Creative featured tweets from phone users or those shortly to receive their phone. Real time feedback.


  • Location: Scotland
  • Launch date: Feb 6th
  • Duration: 48 hours (Scotland lost the rugby international which meant a shorter campaign than if they’d won)
  • Scale: 5 screens in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Outside the rugby stadium and on large digital roadside screens.
  • Media owners: Forrest Media.
  • Objective: To celebrate RBS’s association with Scottish rugby.