Nestle wanted to take a dynamic approach to optimise their Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Style campaign by serving targeted creatives to 3 different audiences in OOH by location and time of day.

To support their Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Style campaign Nestle took advantage of dynamic scheduling. In addition to serving creative for their usual target audience, Nestle chose to target two additional audiences as they travelled in OOH throughout the day.

Using Route data to identify where the three audiences would be, we were able to play the creative which indexed highest against one of their audiences on digital sites across various dayparts. The most relevant creative was served when its corresponding audience was most likely to see it. This campaign was live for two weeks on Transvision and roadside large format iconic digital sites.

Through audience targeting Nescafe we able to ensure they not only served creative to their regular target audience but that they also captured two other target audiences in locations and times of the day they would most likely be in proximity to that particular creative.