Nestle wanted to be more engaging with their summer campaign for San Pellegrino fruit beverages. We adapted generic creatives reproducing contextual dynamic creatives. Posters called out out British areas whilst referencing the temperature in Italy, Home of San Pellegrino.

San Pellegrino Fruit Beverages wanted to promote their 3 most popular fruit flavours in OOH. They were given 3 creatives from their global team. These went through quantum grading and the results showed that creative changes would have a positive impact on their campaign. They also wanted to be more contextual and use dynamic.

Using the quantum grading results, Liveposter design team worked directly with the client to adapt the creatives so that they were best suited to DOOH formats. Changes included increasing the size of the product asset, moving foil tiles within the creative and edits to the background scene. Dynamic content using weather and location data, and dynamic triggering by time of day.

The output was 7 new creatives calling out UK cities, towns and boroughs and sharing the real-time temperature, comparing it with the real-time temperature in Italy where San Pellegrino is produced. ​

The campaign ran for 6 weeks in the summer on key Storm formats and Adshel Live.

Olivia van Vredenburch, Brand Manager, International Brands, Nestlé Waters (UK), said: “SanPellegrino sparkling fruit beverages capture the flavours, smells and sensations of Italy. We wanted to bring “The Life Delizosa” manifesto to the UK in a captivating way and by tapping into real-time weather and location data, we’ve been able to do just that – celebrating when the UK weather is good and sharing the Sicilian weather when it’s not so great.”​

“This campaign uses location-marketing expertise to ad-serve relevant creative to audiences at the right time, in the right place. Using real-time weather data from both the UK and Italy, along with location based data and dynamic creative, SanPellegrino is able to bring a taste and flavour of Italy to consumers in an engaging way.”

Real time weather here and in Bergamo, Italy where San Pellegrino is produced, and UK location shout out to keep SFB front of mind during summer.