Stella Artois experiences significant increases in sales of Cidre when the ambient temperature is above average. They wanted to exploit this by displaying their ads only at certain times of the day and only when the temperature reached a certain level. Using this approach they hoped to gain media efficiencies by buying media based on weather triggers.


LIVEPOSTER™ created a dynamic template that used weather forecast and real time data to control the publishing of the ads on the Clear Channel LD6 network.

As well as using a temperature trigger, all the posters were geo-located so that an ad could be removed in the event of rain.


Stella Artois reported a significant uplift in sales attributed to the digital outdoor activity. Over 2 million weather forecasts were requested during the campaign to target match the ads across the 120 screens. Hyper local forecasts were requested for every execution using the exact longitude and latitude of the LD6 screens across London. A web dashboard allowed real-time monitoring of the published posters during the campaign.

“This innovative media mechanic is yet another way we are pushing the boundaries through digital technologies to be relevant to our consumers, at just the right time.”
Andy Logan, marketing manager for Stella Artois Cidre

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