Many campaigns – both linear and dynamic – can benefit from including a data trigger that determines which execution plays at which location. The data itself can be anything from ambient data such as the weather, to social content like tweets or your own proprietary business information. At Liveposter we’re experts in using data triggers into serve up the ideal creative execution based on anything from the weather to sports scores.


We humans are hardwired to enjoy stories, and Liveposter is a storytelling tool par excellence, using data as either a trigger for content or as raw material for infographics and data visualisations. Our team can help identify the right ideas and insights to make sure you tell the right story to the right people in the right way and at the right time to create the right effect.


Coming up with a great campaign idea is only half the battle;
to really reap the rewards you need to keep it relevant throughout its life, and that’s where our content management system comes in. Liveposter’s intuitive web-based CMS makes it easy to brief, develop, test and implement a campaign from start to finish. Multiple teams based anywhere from Manchester to the Maldives can log in and see what’s live and what’s pending approval at any time.


Dynamic campaigns are where Liveposter really excels. We believe most digital OOH campaigns could benefit from a dash of dynamism, for the simple reason that dynamic content is inherently more engaging than its static equivalent.
As David Ogilvy once remarked, “You can’t bore people into reading your ad.”


Need some expert assistance crafting your campaign?
Liveposter can help with everything from concepts and idea creation through to design and production. We can produce content from scratch or take care of the post production process using supplied assets, all based on our experience of what works best for different media formats.


Today’s plethora of incompatible media formats can make planning and executing multichannel campaigns a headache.
Not with Liveposter. We’re experts at integrating all manner of digital channels and content, including mobile, social and online, as well as building bespoke applications for interactive concepts and installations.