DATA WATCH : Facebook Dislike Button

By 6th October 2015October Newsletter

Can the announcement of the Facebook dislike button be anything other than useful for brands?

This month, we found out there is going to be a ‘dislike’ button installed on Facebook – hurrah! Or is it? Zuckerberg tells us that a “like” doesn’t always convey a user’s true thoughts on a post. But what does this mean for brands?

With Zuckerberg rightly stating that ‘not every moment is a good moment’, will this recent announcement see a shift in approach (ad-spend) as Facebook ‘clicks’ get closer to being split out between pure virality and meaningful brand moments?

TunePics emotion wheel: The iOS application was created in 2014 by London-based Justin Cooke, the founder of innovation agency innovate7, who earlier worked as the marketing chief of Topshop and as a vice president of Burberry.

2015: Microsoft used Cortana’s proprietary data to constantly update their DOOH ads. Microsoft are ranked 6th in Havas’s World Top Meaningful Brands

What does this mean for DOOH?

Let’s apply this to DOOH – with dynamic/responsive DOOH campaigns quickly becoming the norm (the number of dynamic campaigns that ran in 2014 tripled compared to 2013), switching between and optimising creative based on real-time feedback seems like a no-brainer.
Facebook (one day, if not already) surely ‘know’ whether you then went on to search/interact with that product/brand… and even how you then feel about that brand after being exposed to their tailored OOH – and if those moments were meaningful.

Watch this space!