#DataWatch – Adidas Highest Goal

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Adidas launched this Mobile / DOOH / Social / TV / Web campaign during Japan’s World Cup qualifying match: a virtual throw-in to Japanese striker Shinji Kagawa on a 200-meter high digital screen in downtown Tokyo, which clocked 1,000 sign up’s in the first 5 minutes and over 500,000 viewers of the live stream online with an average visit time of 30 minutes.

Brazil world cup has been billed as the Data World Cup, but will the technical realities of a developing country will make this very challenging to activate for brands. Data integration with the digital landscape has flourished on home turf. But how well will this travel?

In 2014 Brazil set for a 17.2% rise in digital OOH investment, the highest in the world by a long shot. The lack of OOH available (partially due to ‘clean street’ laws against OOH in the 2 biggest cities) makes things challenging. Media owner Band Outernet has nearly doubled its DOOH line-up to 20,000+ screens nationally. Elsewhere, Clear Channel Outdoor increased its digital LatAm presence by 50% this year. Let’s not forget 5 of the 12 stadiums to host the games are behind building schedule.

Nike, socially hi-jacked the last world cup, driving twice as much more social media conversation than the official sponsor, Adidas. This time Adidas intent is clear “Our goal is to be the most engaging brand at the World Cup” (Christian DiBenedetto, Senior Innovation Director)

The audience is a massively diverse, fully engaged group at the end of a 4-year waiting list. So, who from the 22 Official partners/sponsors will pitch a tenda in the chaos?

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