Liveposter Editor Introduction

Build and schedule dynamic posters quickly and easily, from a simple web interface.

  • 1. Tried and tested dynamic activations
    The Liveposter Editor offers proven effective DOOH activations. The data activations currently available are weather, location, social and countdown. These can be used in a number of ways and also combined such as weather at a location.
  • 2. Easy Ad creation
    Brands and their creative agencies can create posters simply using the intuitive online poster editor. Any number of posters can be created and automatically optimised for publishing to digital media networks. Training on how to use the Editor to create posters is offered by Liveposter as part of the campaign cost.
  • 3. Being smart with data
    The Liveposter Editor delivers better relevancy and targeting of ads by using data in smart ways – either as content or as a condition to automatically publish a specific ad. Linear ads can also be optimised by using the day part and location functionality of the Editor platform.
  • 4. Automated publishing
    Ads can either be manually pre-scheduled or use a data input to automatically publish when a condition is met such as a weather condition.
  • 5. Reduced turnaround times
    The Liveposter Editor will reduce delivery times due to removal of media owner testing periods. Typically we will be able to deliver a campaign 3 days before live to media owners.

Quickly build posters using your creative assets

The first step in building a poster in the Editor is to upload your creative assets to the media library. Key artwork, fonts, video, images, logos in various formats can be added to be used in the poster design.

Design the poster layout using familiar tools

The editor has an easy to use interface to help you quickly and easily create posters.

  • Styling
    Easily style text, images and media assets through comprehensive typographic control, filters and blends.
  • Animation
    Animate text, shapes and media assets directly in the Editor, with full control over durations and timings. Simple controls let you fade, move and scale any text, shape or asset. Use cue points for more complex animations.
  • Scenes
    Scenes allow layering of assets and the control of any transitions within a poster.
  • Format optimisation
    The format guides allow you to create a single poster for formats with a similar aspect ratio – reducing work. Use the built in responsive pinning to ensure your design automatically adjusts to changing formats.

Easily add dynamic content within posters

Pre-configured widgets let you simply insert dynamic data into your posters with no coding required.


  • Weather
    Dynamic copy insertion of local weather condition and temperature eg: It’s28 degrees and sunny out there – time for an Ice Cooler!
  • Location
    Dynamic location copy can be used within a poster based on a postcode of the poster site or an area such as Manchester.
  • Countdown
    Simply set the date and adjust hours, minutes and seconds. Display as “hrs”, “mins” and “secs” or as an analogue clock.
  • Social
    Integrate Twitter, Instagram and Facebook content directly in your poster. Content can either be added from a prepared bank or automated from a feed.

Use smart scheduling for better targeting and relevance

Once your poster(s) are built, the scheduling CMS allows you to target your posters by time, location or a data trigger.

  • Time – time of day, week day, weekend
  • Location – specific poster site or area
  • Data trigger – such as temperature or weather

The scheduling CMS allows you to manage multiple posters, with multiple media owners, across the media plan with a simple one time set-up. Schedules and posters can also be changed during the campaign for updates or reactive messaging.

Publish campaign to multiple media owners quickly and simply

Liveposter integrate all the media owner outputs on the media plan so that publishing can be easily done via the CMS interface. Once your posters are scheduled in the CMS they can be published quickly and easily. Posters can be also updated while the campaign is live and re-published within minutes.