Malibu – Best Summer Ever!

National Pina Colada Day

Malibu are celebrating National Pina Colada Day on the 10th & 11th July by giving away free Pina Coladas! As part of their OOH campaign, digital screens will show the three closest venues to each screen where these Pina Colada vouchers can be redeemed.

‘To drive trial and awareness of the celebration, Malibu will be offering a free Piña Colada voucher to all Metro readers nationwide on 10th July, to be redeemed at a selection of Young’s, Geronimo Inns and at Be at One cocktail bars, as well as a number of independent bars across the UK. Consumers can visit Malibu’s National Piña Colada Day hub –’ Pernot Ricard UK


Each screen displays unique copy specific to its location. Consumers are able to access the nearest venue serving Malibu where they will be able to redeem their free Pina Colada voucher.

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