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“The dynamism, flexibility and sophistication of this digital outdoor campaign perfectly mirrors the versatilities of Cortana’s intelligent capabilities. The combination of cutting-edge technology and data will create an array of extremely personal and relevant user experiences, showing the audience how digital assistant Cortana can help them manage everyday life seamlessly in a powerful way.”

Paul Davies, Marketing Director at Microsoft

The Most Ambitious Dynamic DOOH Campaign Ever

To bring Cortana’s intelligent capabilities to life, Microsoft proprietary data services are being used in combination with real-time audience data and data sets specific to each screen and environment to generate constantly-updating, helpful, light hearted and thought-provoking creative content.


Each poster has multiple distinct creative executions depending on a set of pre-defined rules and data for a particular moment.
The creative executions use time of day and location as the foundation of the campaign reflecting the actual Cortana experience in real-time at each poster site.

In total we have 241 unique “master” content posters that are then populated with live data giving 9640 possible poster variants. Each poster also has multiple dynamic welcome screens, end screens matched to its location and live time and data feeds.

DOOH Media Takeover

The campaign will be activated across 9 media owners and 15 formats nationwide making it one of the largest digital media campaigns that Liveposter has delivered.

All the above combine to display constantly-updating posters to bring the Cortana personal experience to life.

“With this ambitious and complex campaign we are redefining the rules and capabilities of the digital outdoor medium. The deployment of a truly collaborative approach to media strategies has enabled us to unlock the full advantages of digital OOH, while giving us the opportunity to create a genuine and meaningful connection between the Microsoft brand and its target audience.”
Kaye Dolan, Associate Client Director at Dentsu Aegis Network

Dan Douglas, Founder of LivePoster, said: “We are proud of this campaign, which showcases the huge possibilities of automated OOH advertising, and highlights how real value can be driven by innovation when it isn’t simply for innovation’s sake. Cortana’s fantastic versatility is being showcased in the right media with the right technology and content, in a dynamic digital outdoor campaign representing the ideal match between the product and the medium.”

Data sets

Schedules and content optimised for each location

  • Live date
  • Live time
  • Location-based copy and photography
  • Reminders for upcoming local events
  • Reminder scenarios based on environment and real-time audience data
  • People reminder (incoming calls) scenarios
  • Live weather data at poster site: today / tomorrow / this weekend’s forecast
  • Live countdowns to national cultural events taking place during the campaign

We are also using live transport data to showcase some of the relevant Cortana features:
While waiting for your bus, jokes and facts are triggered, and on the train station concourse Cortana provides a journey map to your destination based on the next departure.

Liveposter would like to pay special thanks to

Microsoft, Dentsu Aegis Network & m:united