To encourage completion and awareness of the Australian Census, the Federal Government used countdown creatives to drive urgency.

The Australian Federal Government and Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) increased their online capability to encourage as many households as possible to complete the Census online resulting in over half submitting their questionnaires electronically instead of paper forms.

Posterscope and Liveposter alongside creative agency BWM Dentsu helped the ABS drive urgency to Census Night (9th August) by utilising countdown creatives as well as calling out suburbs local to each screen across Australia. In Melbourne at Southern Cross Station, Flinders Street Station and Melbourne Central Station, ABS showcased user-generated content (UGC) about what it means to be Australian.

Over 2,000 digital format screens across the country utilised Liveposter’s suite of tools across 7 Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) suppliers to deliver a campaign of monumental scale in over 600 suburbs. Without the use of Liveposter, more than 3,000 individual creatives would have needed to be created individually, offering superb efficiency savings for the creative agency.

This resulted in the biggest dynamic Digital-Out-of-Home campaign Australia has ever seen, demonstrating the incredible scale possible.

3000 creatives delivered across over 2000 screens in 11 formats across 3 time-zones