Best Use of Data
MOMA 2017

AXA leveraged mobile engagement data to create and optimise the OOH creative.

The campaign had to deliver on two key objectives. It had to prove the increased value of an integrated Mobile/OOH approach and increase perceptions of AXA as dynamic, progressive and customer-centric company, using ‘one step ahead’ tagline.

AXA ran OOH and Mobile together, grouping the media into a total of 15 location clusters. Geo-targeted mobile ads ran within these location clusters, allowing people to click through to different AXA content including weather, tips and news. The topics engaged with on mobile at certain locations and times of day then optimised the content broadcast on to digital OOH screens.

Simon Lloyd, Brand and Digital Director, AXA added, “Innovation is at the heart of AXA’s culture. It is key to every part of our business and this campaign is a fantastic example of how it drives our marketing strategy. We use innovation to better anticipate and meet the needs of our customers so by ensuring our communications are even more relevant and timely we hope to build more trust and engagement moving forward.”