To help increase awareness and an immediate call to purchase, we helped ba optimize their ooh activity by scheduling relevant copy to play out at relevant times with an integration of a live count down during the final day/hours of sale.

BA wanted to take a dynamic approach to their outdoor advertising in order to support their January Sale and Visit California campaigns. The wish was to dynamically schedule multiple copy across the campaign period, and supplement this further with the addition of a dynamic countdown on the last days of sale.

Different destination adverts were scheduled to play out at specific times. In order to increase the immediacy of purchase, in the final days of the campaign we integrated a dynamic countdown poster to count the days/hours until the end of the sale period.

The campaign ran on London Underground DEPs, Westfield Mall LCDs, Transvision, LDN D6s and selected large roadside formats, across three key sales bursts in January.

“The January Sale is our biggest tactical campaign of the year so we are launching our most innovative yet.”
Rob Mcdonald, Head of Marketing at British Airways