To promote their new men’s fragrance Brit Rhythm, Burberry held three music events on
three continents to bring their concept of Sound+Scent to life.

They invited 15 of the world’s most influential music and fashion Instagrammers to capture and share the buzz of the events and amplify the campaign through Burberry’s digital channels.

They wanted to use the capabilities of digital outdoor advertising to reflect the immediacy of the Instagram feed and chose LIVEPOSTER™ to deliver the dynamic campaign.


LIVEPOSTER™ enabled Burberry to create a dynamic outdoor campaign in New York, Singapore and London through the creation, management and distribution of digital ads across multiple media networks.

The LIVEPOSTER™ platform enabled Burberry to create and publish over 100 unique ads using Instagram images captured live at the events.

Burberry had complete control over the creative as it arrived from the events, and also the subsequent ads that appeared in each city.


Using LIVEPOSTER™ Burberry created 110 unique ads that were deployed in near-real time to 350 poster sites in the three cities.

Updates were simultaneously published across three continents, resulting in a massive 4.2 million impacts.

LIVEPOSTER™ also enabled dynamic content to be published on CBS’s DEP network – a world first.

Dynamic content was also published for the first time in Singapore on both the Media Corp and Clear Channel networks.

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