Channel 4 News wanted to drive more viewers to its evening programme while reminding people of its unique identity and personality.


LIVEPOSTER™ achieved this by engaging London’s evening commuters with a mix of headlines, live breaking news and commentary from Channel 4 presenters. The combination of social media, live content and dynamic displays meant content was constantly updating and so always relevant to the changing audience.

The CBS XTP network was perfect for this campaign due to the long dwell time, giving people time to really engage with the content. The evening commuter package also meant that C4 could target consumers at a time when they would be making decisions about their evening activities.


During the campaign, intention to view Channel 4 News rose to 76%. Even among those who had never watched the program the figure was a staggering 65%.

The campaign won Love Content’s ‘Digital Out-Of-Home Innovation’ Award 2012 and was shortlisted for the Festival of Media Global Awards ‘Best Use of the Digital Landscape’ category 2012.

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