Channel 4, the official broadcaster of The London 2012 Paralympic Games, wanted to provide the public with unrivalled coverage of the Paralympic action in real-time while driving them to the Channel 4 highlights show each evening.

The “Thanks for the warm-up” and “Meet the Superhumans” campaigns were the catalysts to drive engagement, while DOOH was given the job of supporting the on-air coverage of the games.


We developed a LIVEPOSTER™ platform enabling C4 to provide up-to-date reporting of the event like never before. The campaign began with a live countdown to the Opening Ceremony, keeping up the momentum of the earlier Olympics.

Once the games were underway, the ads were updated throughout the day with breaking news and images from the day’s events, alternated with a live medals table that showcased Team GB’s success.

Using XTP and Transvision screens enabled Channel 4 to reach people across the UK, creating a real impact and resulting in long dwell time.


The “Thanks for the warm-up” and “Meet the Superhumans” campaigns deservedly won praise and awards across all media.

The LIVEPOSTER™ platform was central to the extension of Channel 4’s on-air coverage during both campaigns and helped keep the public updated.

The campaign was Clear Channel Awards Winner 2103 for ‘Best use of Outdoor in a Multimedia campaign’.