The very first dynamic DOOH campaign ran in Denmark to display various Coca – Cola creatives between May and July.

Coca – Cola in Denmark wanted to showcase various creatives on the 2 main media owners (JCDecaux and Clear Channel) in various environments, such as metro stations, railway stations and malls.

A specific schedule based on TIME and LOCATION has been successfully delivered by Liveposter to add relevancy and impact to this large and innovative DOOH campaign, fully driven by Posterscope. By triggering specific assets depending on the day-parts, week parts (weekdays and weekends), Danish bank holidays and sport events, Coca-Cola always had the most relevant content.

Moreover, by targeting specific environments (e.g. Malls) with specific time slots, the effectiveness was able to suit with the consumer journey (consideration to drive-to-store).

A very first and successful Danish dynamic campaign!