Costa wanted to challenge Starbucks traditional dominance during the Christmas season and its ‘red cups’ range. Featuring their own range of Christmas cups they wanted to double the penetration of their Christmas drinks range compared to 2012.


Costa ran a social Christmas campaign that encouraged customers to submit photos of themselves posing with the Costa Christmas cups. LIVEPOSTER™ integrated with the Costa Facebook app to use the photos within the poster creative as a series of greetings cards.

People had the ability to tag themselves or their friends in the message below the card featuring their faces and then be notified via Facebook that they were featured in the campaign.


The posters featured 1080 customer submitted photos helping Costa gain 10,166 new fans on Facebook in the first week of the campaign.

Campaign research by Costa showed penetration of the hot drinks market during the Christmas period up 9% YOY.

This delivered on their objective to take ownership of Christmas from Starbucks for the first time in this highly competitive holiday season.