EE wanted to take a dynamic approach to their outdoor advertising to support their international sim campaign targeting people arriving into British airports from international destinations. As the European commission abolished roaming charges in June 2017, it was important
for EE to target non-EU visitors.

Liveposter built 3 templates displaying a welcome message when priority flights landed for 45 minutes, giving passengers time to leave the aircraft, and reach arrivals.

Using flight data Liveposter triggered a welcoming native language message in each airport’s arrival terminal as a priority flight arrived. This would join previously triggered native language copy on rotation allowing multiple copy rotations at each terminal. ​

Selected arrival terminals had vending machines where the International Sim could be purchased. Panels in proximity to these were identified and a call to action directional message would remind people to purchase a sim before they left the airport, and where they could find a vending machine in that area.

​Weather data was used to determine good and bad weather conditions sharing the appropriate message and helping people prepare for what to expect when they left the airport. These data types were combined to create a complex matrix targeting 20 countries with 12 different languages layering vending machine directional mapping data, flight data and weather data to decide what message was most relevant during that moment based on the environment and its conditions. ​

The campaign ran throughout the summer from June to August at London Heathrow with JCD and throughout July at Manchester international airport with Primesight in arrivals at selected terminals.

Flight data to trigger native language at flight origin in airport arrivals with current UK weather and directional to purchase sim cards from airport kiosks.