Expedia Australia wanted to run a campaign highlighting their “daily deals” to the public in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The campaign was to run across the whole summer within rail and office environments.

Expedia planned to bring the daily deals from their website into digital outdoor screens in real-time to provide of-the-moment holiday, flight and hotel deals. Using real-time insight from their website, Expedia were able to select daily deals based on a set of pre-defined rules. The selected daily deals were then placed in a feed which integrated with the Liveposter platform.

Attributes of the deals such as city location and countdown to end of deal were handled in the publishing to the media owner networks. Different creative executions were used depending on the environment and spot length so that copy and imagery were optimised.

In a second burst of the campaign a new feed from the website was used to display the number of searches for particular destinations in a ‘trending now’ poster. This poster was displayed in conjunction with the Daily Deals posters to convey real-time activity on the website.

The campaign was a DOOH first in Australia and enabled Expedia to have complete control of the content of their advertising. They were able to react to changing commercial objectives over the 3 month campaign and also make day-to-day adjustments due to changing inventory and sales.