Heathrow Express optimised the delivery of two creative variants to their two different target audiences.

Heathrow Express wanted to promote the use of their express train service that runs every 15 minutes between London Heathrow airport and London Paddington train station. With multiple travel options available as an alternative, HEX wanted to run a campaign targeting the Leisure traveller, to increase their usage of the service.

HEX had two key target audiences within the Leisure category: Families and Couples and a creative adaption was supplied for each of the two target audiences.

The Liveposter Dynamic Scheduling platform combines Route Data with an Optimisation Algorithm which is able to efficiently compare millions of locations and their hourly audiences to identify the optimum scheduling of content. This enabled HEX to not only specify the proportion of impressions delivered to both Families and Couples but to also maximise
the impressions delivered to each audience too.