To celebrate the release of the new Mini Hatch – a design remake of the original Mini Cooper – Mini offered the chance to win one for the weekend. Calling for entries via Twitter and Facebook, people were asked to suggest a ‘New Original Remake’ of a movie title using the hashtag #NewOriginalRemakes.

Mini wanted to broadcast this content outdoor to generate interest in a way that showcased the ‘connected’ dashboard technology of the new Mini Hatch.


The Wonderwall takeover of the Liverpool St Central Line was used to bring the competition to commuters on the underground and get them to interact. The Liveposter platform allowed a feed of competition tweets to appear in the dashboard to humour and engage the platform audience. People were able to tweet their own remakes utilising the platform WiFi.

The Liveposter platform meant Mini’s creative agency could combine user generated content gathered from multiple social media platforms with animated creative agency artwork and video content from the TVC to produce a engaging wall of ads.


Using the Liveposter platform Mini and their creative agency Iris successfully combined and scheduled dynamic, static and video content to deliver 276 different combinations of creative messaging.

The number of tweets featuring ‘Mini’ and ‘#NewOriginalRemakes’ peaked at an impressive 255 per day.