Monarch Airlines wanted the ability to control and adapt their Out-of-Home advertising over a year.

They needed the flexibility to create posters using varying creative assets and copy throughout the year to drive seasonal and commercial goals. They also wished to direct specific campaign messages regionally to target consumers near to their main airport hubs.


The Liveposter platform gave Monarch’s in-house team the ability to create their own posters with bespoke imagery and messaging. The platform also gave Monarch complete control over what posters were published, when and where.
The smart scheduling of posters through the geo-location of poster sites ensured that the regional messages were relevant and targeted.

The brand was able to implement its planned advertising strategy and at the same time have the option to be responsive if desired to changing market conditions to be relevant to the audience within minutes.


During 2014 Monarch ran a ski season, summer sun and winter sun campaign.
Each campaign delivered multiple poster executions. In total 180 posters were created across 29 poster screens at 14 locations.