Cadbury modernised the thank You advert by delivering time, environment and weather relevant thank yous.

Cadbury Roses ran a summer campaign across multiple media owners and OOH environments. The aim of the campaign was reinforce the association of Roses with moments when you’re thankful.

The three environments of Rail, Malls and Roadside POS all needed to display the most relevant thank you messages depending on the moment. Each environment ran its own content schedule, with copy specific to both its location, the time of day and the day of week. For example, a screen at a rail station in the evening could say “#ThankYouVeryMuch for cooking dinner when I work late”, whereas a screen in a shopping mall in the morning could say “#ThankYouVeryMuch for babysitting my little “angels””.

Using a weather data trigger, if it started raining the creative messaging changed to be specific to the wet conditions at that location. For example, on the high street it would say “#ThankYouVeryMuch for lending me your brolly”.

Real-time scheduling of different Thank You moments across multiple environments and media owners.