Commuters could use the dead time waiting for their next train to compare average house prices and commute times at locations along their regular route home.

Santander wanted to overcome the perception of finance being a dull and boring advertising message to deliver to consumers. They wanted a fresh and engaging way to communicate their mortgage product that would capture consumers attention in a positive way. We used live data feeds to deliver a pioneering dynamic campaign using Tranvision screens across national rail stations. For Santander’s two week burst we incorporated live data feeds which displayed average house prices for commuters of locations which were relevant to the next trains which were about to leave. This gave commuters an indicative view on how much the average house price would be for destinations that would fall into their journey. There was also a strong CTA to download Santander’s mortgage calculator enabling Consumers A SIMPLE WAY to find out how much they could afford then and there – an execution which sits perfectly with Santander’s over-arching Simple, Personal, Fair positioning.

“This is a great example of creative thinking from an historically safe category and testament to Carat’s ‘Make Brave Happen’ Innovation Strategy”
Taj Galsinh ( Carat Planning Team)

‘This is great. As you say, it’s brave, collaborative and innovative. Well done”.
Matthew Landeman ( Carat MD)