Société Générale bank wanted to highlight how quickly their mobile banking app could be accessed for transactions and account admin. By targeting rail and air travellers, Société Générale was able to create relevant content highlighting the app time benefits just before someone as due to travel.

Using real-time transport data, Société Générale was able to serve relevant creative from 2 airports and key train stations in Paris with a live countdown.

To drive immediacy and promote how quickly a transaction could be made, the travel data was used to create a specific message to people due to start their journey within the next few minutes. For example “The flight to Berlin leaves in 3.59 minutes, loads of time to use the app”. To make the copy specific to each journey and also more targeted to travellers, the creative also displayed the specific flight number or train number of the next departing plane or train. This was a clever way to visually showcase the dynamic difference, to generate a sense of urgency and potentially, to increase app usage.

Running for 2 weeks in total, every creative execution displayed ran a departing journey countdown that was specific to the station or airport at any given day and time. Within the airport, the creative message even varied within each terminal, check-in area, shopping area and boarding gate.

The campaign ran on over 500 panels across Mediatransports and JCD Airports networks.

Société Générale displayed the next specific trains and flights with a real-time countdown to departure.