Kellogg’s Special K decided to celebrate New Year’s resolutions by creating a live experiential event that transformed their customers into the stars of the campaign.

Instead of focusing on the depressing thought of January dieting, Kellogg’s Special K encouraged women to rethink their resolutions and imagine what they would gain once they achieve their weight-management goals.


Shoppers at Westfield White City were invited to share their resolutions by answering the question ‘what will you gain when you lose?’ Each of them was then treated to a makeover and photo shoot, with the final photos being broadcast directly to Westfield’s digital screens via the Liveposter platform.

Pictures were live on screens within 10 minutes, meaning people were able to see their photos around the mall as they continued to shop. They were also  given a copy to take home with them.


The campaign featured 30+ updates a day with a 10 minute turnaround from end of photo shoot to live on Westfield mall screens.