To add contextual relevance for their Earn and Learn campaign, Woolworths used localised copy at each store locations alongside their Price and Product messaging.

Woolworths often book long-term holdings with media owners to showcase their initiatives all year and compete directly with other supermarkets in real time. Earn and Learn is an initiative to give equipment to schools by offering customers stickers to give to their local schools.

As a way to show customers the locations that would benefit from Earn and Learn stickers, the store location was featured in the copy within the creative. Liveposter also distributed other creatives from Price and Product messaging to drive efficiently and decrease errors across 4 media owners.

Localised copy within the creative calling out local stores drives real contextual relevance for Woolworths and increases ROI when combining dynamic with a campaign such as this. Liveposter’s scale allows Woolworths to focus on delivering the store names they want to showcase and the creative they wish to convey. This also provided incredible efficiencies to the creative agency and client without having to create individual artwork for each location.

Localised store locations at scale across most retail media owners in Australia.