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On the 25th November 2014 agencies, brands, media owners, out-of-home and digital out-of-home specialists met at a Posterscope roundtable event to discuss the future of real-time in DOOH. Liveposter, Twentieth Century Fox, British Gas, Microsoft, AOL, Doodle, Trigger Buzz, Clear Channel, Ocean Outdoor, Movember, Starcom MediaVest Group and Dentsu Aegis Network were among those sat at the table.

This was the first in a series of roundtables planned for 2015 that will examine the challenges that are creating barriers for the mass adoption of dynamic DOOH. Organising dynamic DOOH campaigns at scale, better communication and insight around the benefits of dynamic DOOH for creative agencies and the client and addressing the outdated approach to outdoor media buying, were among the topics covered.

It is good to see that programmatic creative is on the agenda for 2015, as predicted in Liveposter’s January newsletter, programmatic creative is going to become a regular solution to marketers’ DOOH advertising this year. However, as highlighted by Dentsu Aegis’s Tracey De Groose and M&C Saatchi’s Tom Bazeley, there is still a ‘knowledge gap’ around real-time DOOH that needs addressing[i]. This is particularly apparent between creative agencies and other industry members. Working with creative agencies is essential; they need to be persuaded that using data can be creative.

The 95% of brands that are not using dynamic DOOH need to be well informed about the benefits of dynamic DOOH. A recent study by Posterscope states that ‘87% of UK marketing leaders believe that real-time DOOH would enable more targeted advertising for their brands, with 72% planning to run a real-time DOOH advert in 2015’. Although these are encouraging figures it is important that the 72% of planned dynamic DOOH go ahead and that all parties work together to make it happen. As Liveposter founder Dan Douglas said, “As an industry we are bad at marketing the opportunity [in DOOH] between all the stakeholder… we all need to come together on this”[ii].

Delivering dynamic DOOH campaigns at scale is also vital and another challenge that was highlighted at the roundtable discussion. In order to improve scalability in DOOH the one off, highly publicised, novelty DOOH campaigns need to be replaced by mass campaigns. Dan Douglas emphasised this at the roundtable by stating, “we all need to take a role in rebooting the medium” and “look at dynamic DOOH as a mass, scalable opportunity”[iii].

Another worry for brands is the outdated approach to media buying. Chris Green, marketing director at Twentieth Century Fox, said “we are huge investors in the digital estate- 40% of our spend goes on digital, but one of our biggest frustrations is that how we lay down on a plan is pretty much the same way we laid it out in 1985”[iv]. Likewise Paul Grosvenor, marketing director of British Gas talked about being a big supporter of DOOH, but believes that consumers’ need has “outpaced” the media[v].

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Tim Bleakley, chief executive of Ocean Outdoor assured the table that 100% of its real estate will be digital by the end of the year and Posterscope’s managing director Glen Wilson estimates that media owners will invest “more than £75 million in digital infrastructure” in 2015. He highlighted how this alone “creates an almost infinitive amount of possibilities to talk to people in the right place, but also at the precise time that you want to do so- and with real scale”[vi]. This is an encouraging and something that needs to happen in order to keep up with the consumer.

There is so much potential for the take off of dynamic DOOH in 2015. With better communication, scalability, insight into the benefits and an updated approach to media buying, 2015 will be an exciting year for dynamic in DOOH.


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