Spotting the #DynamicDifference at Advertising Week Europe 2015

The week started with a bang for dynamic at the ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! £100K Giveaway!’ hosted by Posterscope. After a hilarious pitch from M&C Saatchi’s Dave Bedwood, Adam&EveDDB stole the show (and the Posterscope prize money) with a Digital OOH idea with a dynamic difference. They produced a heartwarming charity campaign that raises funds by selling the outdoor media space back to brands at the cost of a free tweet from audiences.



The Drum kicked off the week with a ‘question of the day’ displayed on One Piccadilly, Storm’s iconic Digital OOH screen: ‘Day 1- is data now more important than creativity in advertising?’ Passersby were encouraged to tweet to screen using #MonYes or #MonNo.



The ‘What Data Can DOOH For Us Today! Realising the Potential for Brands’ session, with Liveposter’s Adam Cherry and Amscreen’s Lindsay Rapacchi, quickly responded to the question. They discussed scale and accountability of Digital OOH, and shared some Posterscope breakthrough research that proves the value added by using dynamic to deliver more relevant messaging. The results showed dynamic increases message recall by +53% and awareness by +18%.

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The power of dynamic creative came up again in the ‘Location: The Great Connector of Offline to Online’ session with client, agency and specialist representatives from Google, Selfridges, Havas Media, Posterscope & xAd. Glen Wilson, Managing Director of Posterscope UK, focused his discussion on real-time audiences and OOH, and how using consumer data-exhaust fuels the right message, at the right time and how the use of location is crucial for brands to adopt- now.

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Audience reward was another theme that came up in this session and again throughout the week. Stacey Knight, Director of Futures and Content at JCDecaux, mentioned our ‘Lurpak LIVE’[i] campaign at Waterloo as a good example of pay-off vs. consumer time during the ‘WIRED NXT’ session. During the ‘Lurpak LIVE’ campaign celebrity chefs cooked in front of consumers on the station concourse. A live video on this activity could be seen on screen, alongside social commentary throughout each day.


During ‘WIRED NXT’ Jon O’Donnell, Group Commercial Director at ESI Media, highlighted the importance of engaging content: “Is the content useful & engaging? We need to understand what the consumer wants”. Meanwhile Jonathan Oliver, Head of Global Innovation at Microsoft, said that “there is so much data at our disposal, advertising intelligence is hygiene for us now”. Using data can create more relevant advertising and the panel highlighted this. President of Media Adara Elizabeth Harz shared; ”we’re finally there; data can be activated across the whole of the business planning process”.


Brands and agencies need to take advantage of this. AOLUK tweeted the same day as ‘WIRED NXT’ that “media agencies need to work with creative’s earlier”, and VivaKi also said “there is so much data available but the creative agencies aren’t stepping up”. Isobar’s global and local CEO’s also gave a nod to this at ‘Ideas Without Limits: The Future of Commerce is Brand Commerce’, advising brands to ‘be more nimble, quick and dynamic’ with their advertising by using data. Ocean Outdoor’s CEO Tim Bleakley also felt that brands are not harnessing dynamic Digital OOH capabilities at scale in a recent interview with Rapport[ii].



Tracy de Groose, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network UK, highlighted the importance of “understanding how data and creativity come together” during ‘AdLand 2020: Shaping the Future’. She reiterated this point by arguing that barriers between agencies, clients and suppliers need to be broken down for this to happen. Dominique Delport, Global Managing Director of Havas Media Group, talked about media agencies and believes that success comes from the rate in which they are able to adapt to the changing landscape[iii]. Meanwhile Matthew Heath, Lida’s Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, was optimistic about the future of advertising ‘thanks to the fusion of data, technology and more sophisticated creativity’[iv].


It was great to see the results-driven profile of dynamic creative and messaging being raised. Brands are clearly starting to consider or are already taking a dynamic approach throughout the planning process. These brands will continue to stay ahead of the race as we move into a world that understands real-time audiences through data and delivers efficiency at scale with automation.





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