Liveposter enables brands to exploit the opportunities offered by digital out-of-home media to deliver dynamic campaigns that are more creative, more relevant and more targeted.


Liveposter enables brands and their creative agencies to develop uniquely flexible campaigns. This flexibility comes directly from Liveposter’s ability to generate unlimited creative executions and repeatedly update these during a campaign. The creative can change in real-time, react to real-world events, update itself based on rules or connect to other campaign activities such as social and online.
Liveposter enables brands to deliver the right message at the right time, with creative executions that change based on location and time of day for highly targeted, highly impactful campaigns. But it doesn’t end there – we can use other factors such as weather, social feeds, sales data, mobile interaction and more to increase the creative’s connection with its audience.
Liveposter can use automated triggers to deliver ever-changing creative to any number of digital posters. These triggers can be based on pre-set rules or even real time data. Not only does automation mean highly efficient deployment, it also makes it easy to measure a campaign’s effectiveness.
Digital out of home works particularly well as part of a multi-channel campaign, connecting with other channels such as mobile and online. This could mean using a retail data feed or enabling customer interaction via technologies such as NFC.
There’s a perception in media agencies and amongst brands that dynamic digital marketing is hard. Liveposter is here to prove otherwise. We make life easier for brands and their creative agencies by providing a single interface to the many incompatible systems operated by different media owners. The result makes targeted, ultra-relevant marketing almost laughably easy – one system, one interface, infinite executions, all controlled by you.